-------- UPDATE: as of early 2016, the house is full and we aren't looking for more residents. check back in spring or summer of 2016. --------

hello friends !!!

since moving to Tucson, AZ, Boost House has been modifying how we operate as a living space. our original goal was for our publishing operations to financially support an "artist's residency" setup, where chosen residents could stay for free. unfortunately that model has proven financially unfeasible for us, so we've switched to a "co-op" style setup where all residents do pay rent, but we try to keep it affordable and we only bring in residents with shared values. to learn more background about BH, you can read our about page.

we host poetry readings and documentary film screenings at the house most months, but residents are not required to be part of event planning or hosting unless you want to. we've done writing group meetings at the house too, but haven't established a consistent schedule for those. besides these events, life at the house is similar to probably any other house where you're lucky enough to have roommates with similar values and creative energy. it's not an intense internet spectacle or anything too bizarre, it's mostly just a house of nice, creative, funny people.

for rent we currently ask $300 per resident, per month, which includes the cost of utilities. in addition to that, our communal food costs are split each month. if you're interested and able to live in Tucson any time in the near future (maybe for just a few months, or maybe much longer), please consider applying!

the app asks some questions about values, so allow time to fill it out!! if you've already completed an application in the past and you're still interested, please just let us know and we will re-consider your app from before!

applications are HERE :
application .PDF
application .TXT

completed apps can be emailed to us at info@boost-house.com any time, the sooner the better!!
if you have any questions, please email us at that same address.
thank you so much!!