launched in january 2014, boost house is a publisher and residency currently located in tucson, arizona.

boost house as a publisher: our mission is to build community and culture at the intersections of poetry, new media, positive spirituality, and anti-oppression politics. we produce books (and other printed goods) which promote constructive spiritual and activist orientations to the world; we go on poetry tours across the country; and we curate streams of new writing on our social media. 

boost house as a residency: the boost house team lives together in a house (also called boost house) in tucson, arizona. it's a drug-free, alcohol-free space. the house rent and groceries (all vegan) are supported by our income as a publisher. as we grow, we’ll accept more short-term and long-term residents with shared values and ambition to come work in the house. future versions of the house will host a free lending library and frequent poetry readings, as well as potlucks and other meetups for the local public.

boost house's core team is emily elizabeth scott, rachel younghans, steve roggenbuck, and charlie the dog emeritus. emily is a poet, editor, and activist from michigan. she works on boost house's financial planning, book editing, and community building. rachel is a video + airbrush artist from maryland. she works on boost house's book layout, shipping, and website. steve is a poet and video blogger from michigan. steve works on book editing, tour booking, and social media engagement. charlie is an awe-inspiring dog from michigan. she provides morale boosts and oversight for the whole house. see more about our team members on this page!

other boost house residents: joseph kendrick is a vegan blogger from england who stayed and worked with us from march to may 2014. stephen michael mcdowell (buttercup) is a writer and artist from maryland who stayed and worked with us from april to may 2014. cassandra gillig is a poet and archivist from illinois who stayed and worked with us from june to august 2014.


there are many developments to come !!! if you like what we’re doing, please also find us on facebook, tumblr, and twitter as well, and maybe send us an email !!! :)