boost house is a poetry publisher based in tucson, arizona.

the mission of boost house is to build culture and community at the intersection of poetry, new media, and radical politics. we aim to publish books which promote critical, empowering orientations to the world. we aim to use new media to make poetry more exciting and accessible to young people. we aim to curate and create books, videos, and social media streams which fuse anti-oppression politics and sustainable ways of living into poetry and art.

all boost house publications from 2014 to 2016 were edited and designed by a team of threesteve roggenbucke.e. jarvie, and ray younghans. as of summer 2016, boost house is undergoing significant change, and it's unclear what the future exactly holds. this podcast episode by boost house founder steve roggenbuck discusses some of the changes; this blog post provides another update.

the history of boost house as a physical space

along with being a publisher, boost house formerly existed as a physical space (a vegan co-op house). this role of boost house has been suspended as of july 2016. steve may or may not relaunch a physical space in the future. at our past space(s), we held poetry readings and documentary screenings for the community. our events were drug-free, alcohol-free, meat-free spaces. in 2014 we invited residents to stay with us for free, as a sort of "artist's residency." that model was financially unsustainable for us long term, so in 2015-16 we switched to a "co-op house" model where residents did pay rent, but we kept an application process to ensure shared values among residents.

here are some of the residents who stayed with us over the years: alexandra bodman is a poet from michigan who lived with us from april 2015 to june 2016. joseph parker okay is a poet from wisconsin who stayed with us from march to june 2016. human pony and tom duggan are artists from london who stayed with us in june 2016. dustin fletcher is a poet from florida who stayed with us from april to june 2016. elijah pearson is a poet from pennsylvania who stayed with us in february 2016. jacob brooks is a poet from michigan who stayed with us in july 2015. kate hall is a poet and photographer from tennessee who stayed with us in january 2016. joseph kendrick is a vegan blogger from london who stayed with us from march to may 2014. stephen michael mcdowell is a writer from maryland who stayed with us from april to may 2014. cassandra gillig is a poet and archivist from illinois who stayed with us from june to august 2014.

if you're interested in updates on boost house, please also find us on twitter, and send us an email !!! :)